We are four sisters with the dream of bringing back to life our parents’ Aldo & Maria country house and ancient farm, founded in the early 1900s.

With passion and professionalism, we have carefully renovated the Villas to preserve and share with our guests those precious moments that family and friends have experienced.

We have transformed the farm into an eco-friendly organic one, striving for excellence in our products.

À propos

(Italiano) Siamo quattro sorelle con il sogno di far rivivere la casa di campagna e l’antica azienda agricola dei nostri genitori Aldo & Maria, fondata nei primi del ‘900.

Con passione e professionalità, abbiamo finemente ristrutturato le dimore per conservare e per far vivere ai nostri ospiti quei preziosi momenti in famiglia e tra amici da noi vissuti. Scopri le nostre ville qui.

Abbiamo inoltre intrapreso la trasformazione dell’azienda in un’azienda eco-compatibile biologica alla ricerca della eccellenza dei nostri prodotti.


Cilenia is an organic farm that produces olive oil and hazelnuts. It covers 21 hectares, including over 1500 olive trees, 10 hectares of hazelnut groves, aromatic herbs and an orchard.

Cilenia is located in the heart of Tuscia, the land of the ancient Etruscan people. Situated north of Rome between Umbria, Tuscany and the Tyrrhenian Sea.

It is considered one of the most fascinating areas of Lazio. The alternation of ancient villages protected by UNESCO, castles, lush hills, lakes and numerous historical sites create an unforgettable mosaic of colors and a unique landscape.


Comprise approximately 1500 olive trees, it is cultivated using eco-friendly techniques preserving the ecological balances. The olive trees include the traditional varieties of DOP Tuscia, namely Leccino, Canino and Frantoiano.

Cilenia’s organic extra virgin olive oil, produced through cold extraction within 24 hours of harvesting, has unique characteristics of great value: intense color, strong flavor with fruity nuances and very low acidity, capable of maintaining its quality over an extended period.


Hazelnuts are one of Tuscia’s excellent products.
Cilenia owns 10 hectares of meticulously cultivated hazelnut groves that intertwine on the ridges of the hills, consisting of the varieties “Tonda Gentile Romana,” “Nocchione,” and “Tonda di Giffoni,” particularly appreciated by the confectionery industry, varieties that are now part of the DOP Tuscia.